Our Financial Advisory business provides advice in connection with a wide range of strategic and financial matters that are typically of great importance to our small and mid-cap clients.



Privately-held Small or Mid-Market Gov't Contractor | Current revenue under $35 million | Startup to Mezzanine (pre-IPO) capital | Proprietary technologies | Enormous growth potential | Possibility to dominate a niche | Needs expansion capital yesterday



$1 to $20 million equity


Private placement | Venture capital | Strategic alliance or Joint Venture



Value-Added Strategic Planning | Repositioning Company for Maximum Valuation | Writing Business Plans & Placement Memoranda | Streamlining Complex Strategies and Projects | Identifying Best-Fit Investors and Structure | Access to Capital



  • Strategic analysis of company and industry
  • Restructuring business or organization to make more attractive to investors
  • Determine appropriate valuation and capital structure
  • Identify target investor type
  • Draft private placement memorandum
  • Approach investors
  • Close transaction
  • Post-transaction monitoring

TYPICAL FEE STRUCTURE (Equity Transactions):

  • Value-added retainer (usually $5K to $30K against measurable milestones)
  • Success fee (usually 6% to 10%)
  • Warrants and/or stock (structure varies)


  • Valuations (fair market value opinions)
  • Debt financing on referral basis
  • Board membership; ongoing value added

Our Mergers and Acquisitions services include general strategic and transaction-specific advice regarding domestic and cross-border mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, privatizations, strategic partnerships, joint ventures and specialized advisory services.


Our Financial Restructuring practice, which specializes in helping companies in financial distress, is an important strategic component of our Financial Advisory business. This practice complements our Mergers and Acquisitions practice because it is generally more active when our Mergers and Acquisitions practice is less active.


In addition, our Financial Restructuring practice often generates follow-on relationships and assignments that survive the completion of restructuring-related engagements.

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